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San Francisco: Abraham Lincoln High School to be renamed because "he didn't do enough for blacks"

SAN FRANCISCO. A US high school in San Francisco, which is named after Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865), is to be renamed according to the will of the school district there. The agency has accused the former American president of failing to show clearly enough that black lives mattered to him, the Daily Mail reported on Tuesday.
A committee was set up within the school district in 2018 to review the names of all public schools in the city for their “appropriateness”. The committee now decided that Lincoln was "not worthy of the name of the educational institution" because most of his policies had also proven to be harmful to blacks and Native Americans.

Obama and Harris praised Lincoln for politics
The former US president is therefore not considered a hero by them. Under his supervision, a lot of land was stolen from the indigenous people, for example through the construction of the railway link between Ohoma and Sacramento. With the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863, Lincoln also abolished slavery in those southern states that were still part of the Confederate States of America.
He had been extolled for his politics by Republican and Democratic politicians. Among other things, the former US President Barack Obama and the future Vice President Kamala Harris praised him during the presidential debates in October.

The inventor Thomas Edison should also no longer be honored
In addition to Lincoln, the renaming committee is said to have other people on its list who should no longer justify school names. Among them are the first American President George Washington, his later successor Herbert Hoover and the inventor Thomas Edison. The name of a primary school named after Dianne Feinstein (Democrats) will also be changed. The incumbent California Senator let the Confederate flag fly in front of City Hall, the committee justified its decision.

The Texas Senator Ted Cruz (Republican) expressed his indignation at the plan.

Source: Junge Freiheit
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