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Communist Cuban government broadcast urges citizens to feast on rodent meat for Christmas

A broadcast from a Cuban government outlet urged its citizens to eat rodent meat ahead of the Christmas holiday, claiming that the rodent meat is more sustainable and nutritious than other options, Cubanet reports.

Food shortages have ravaged Cuba for decades. The Castro regime repeatedly blamed the United States for the economic hardships the communist state has faced due to economic sanctions leveled against the communist country. 

A Tuesday broadcast on a Communist Party-approved network, Tele Mayabeque, said that the Cuban government partnered with chefs to create guinea pig-based meal options.  

The report went on to explain why guinea pig meat is healthier than pork and beef.

According to the network, "...experts say...guinea pig meat has an average protein content of nineteen percent, higher than that of pork and beef," and that its consumption " a key ally against anemia and malnutrition."

It also said guinea pig can be "...a fast and sustainable alternative to achieve food sovereignty."

The report explained that rodent meatballs and hamburgers could be a delicious alternative to to pork and beef options.

The administration of Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel has frequently suggested that Cuban citizens try eating bizarre meats and other foods such as banana peels as alternatives during periods of severe food shortages. 

The socialist economy has left thousands starving and completely dependent on government handouts for their basic needs.


Source: Post Millennial 

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