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Argentina legalizes abortion

Buenos Aires - In a historic decision, only comparable to the law of divorce, equal marriage and the repeal of the Final Point and Due Obedience laws, the Senate sanctioned the law that legalizes abortion without cause until the 14th week of gestation.

After more than twelve hours of duration, the bill sent by the Executive Power and approved by the Chamber of Deputies on December 11 last was sanctioned by 38 votes in favor and 29 against, one abstention, with four senators absent.

After the sanction of the legalization of abortion, the National Law of Attention and Comprehensive Health Care during Pregnancy and Early Childhood, known as the Thousand Days Plan, which establishes the payment of a Universal Assignment per Child to be specified once a year to help care for each child under three years of age, followed the same path.

Message from the Pope
After the legalization of abortion the Pope said that "Christians, like all believers, bless God for the gift of life. To live is above all to have received life. We are all born because someone has desired life for us," the Pope added in his written message.

"And this is only the first in a long series of debts that we incur while living. Debts of recognition. In our existence, more than one person has looked at us with pure eyes, gratuitously. Often they are educators, catechists, people who have played their role beyond the measure required by duty. And they have given us gratitude, "added the Supreme Pontiff, according to the Telam news agency.

Yesterday, hours before the debate in the Senate of the abortion legalization project promoted by the Alberto Fernández government began, the Pope spread a message on his social networks in which he warned: "Every discarded person is a child of God."

The initiative promoted by the ruling party in Congress created more tension with the Catholic Church. Last week, the leadership of the Episcopate decided not to visit Fernández this year to greet him for Christmas. And he questioned the Casa Rosada for prioritizing the treatment of the project to legalize abortion over the "thousands of health and social issues" to be resolved.

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