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Extinction Rebellion: Climate fear is an "appropriate response"

Representatives of the environmental protection movement Extinction Rebellion have rejected the criticism that the climate debate is being too emotional.

Berlin - "Our feelings help us to understand the climate crisis. Climate fear, grief and anger are appropriate reactions to deeply depressing and frightening realities," write Rebecca Fleischmann and Judith Pape in a guest article for the news portal Watson. "The force of the climate crisis can only penetrate to us if we allow and acknowledge it. And only if that happens can we find the strength to prevent a climate catastrophe." An emotional climate debate means that more and more people have understood that the ecological catastrophe is not something abstract, but that it will have massive effects on their own life plans in the coming decades. "This knowledge is important to take action," said the activists.

"The climate movement does not react over-emotional - it has managed to grasp affectively what cold scientific facts mean about the ecological collapse."

Source: DerNewsticker
Photo: / jeanmw // jean-marc wiesner
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