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Germans are increasingly leaving the country again

Wiesbaden - According to currently available data from the Federal Statistical Office, 22,272 Germans left the Federal Republic in September, only 18,387 came back. The net migration of minus 3,885 people is thus well on the way to the pre-pandemic level. In 2019 and in January and February of this year, between 5,000 and 10,000 more Germans left the country every month than came back.

From March the numbers collapsed - obviously in connection with the global Covid crisis. In July, the migration balance reached -487, the lowest value in a long time, but mainly because an above-average number of Germans returned in that month. If you only look at the moves, with 12,291 emigrants, the provisional lowest level was reached in April, and since then the numbers have increased significantly again.

The corona shock was also observed in the migration of non-Germans and was even much more significant, but here the numbers have almost completely normalized again. According to data from the Federal Statistical Office, 109,935 foreigners moved to Germany in September, 70,259 foreigners left the country, corresponding to a migration balance of 39,676 and thus roughly at pre-crisis level. In April, the migration balance even slipped into the red for a short time with only 37,739 immigrants but 38,862 emigrations by foreigners.

The trend that Germans, in contrast to foreigners, are leaving Germany far more often than moving in is not new: since 2005, more Germans have left Germany than come back; 2016 was a historic high with a net migration of -135,364 reached. In 2019, this value was still -57,625, which in turn is due to a particularly high number of returnees. On the other hand, the number of travelers last year was 270,294, only slightly lower than in the record year 2016, when 281,411 Germans left the country permanently.

This has not been observed with foreigners in the last few decades: Except in 2008 and 2009, they more than compensated for the departure of Germans.

Source: DerNewsticker
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