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If Only Honkeys Were Muslim

Written by John (the other John).

Honkeys today are the most abused, criticized, and demonized group of people by powerful forces including: government, media, big-tech, academia, corporations, etc…for acts not even committed by us, but rather for merely us having a certain DNA. As illogical as this is, it is stunning to see that many honkeys are accepting this abuse without response. There is just no respect nor fear towards us pale faces.
So I wonder every now and then, what if we pasty faces were Muslim.

If we were Muslim, we would instill fear in everyone in society. We could behead people at-will, have Bataclan-like events, self-detonate, etc.., and instead of being condemned for this, the victims would look within themselves and inquire as to what they did wrong for us to act upon them in that way. (Yes, self-victim blaming). In France (where many of these events occurred), the media is terrified of them.

As bad as these acts were/are, this terrorism is a mere pebble to other historical crimes committed by Muslims, such as enslaving tens of millions of Africans in the preceding 1,400 years, and the commission of genocide upon a near million black Sudanese in this century alone. Yet these crimes against humanity goes without even a peep of criticism by race-baiters.

Moreover, all of these events are not an anomaly committed by mere rogue Muslims, rather, these acts are mandated in their rule book to all Muslims.

So when I compare how horribly we honkeys are treated for acts we did not commit, and how Muslims are treated with absolute fear for acts they did/do commit, it makes me wonder, why do we not also convert to Islam so we can be treated with respect and fear?

But until then, I feel like Rodney Dangerfield: No Respect!
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