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Diversity and Inclusion: An Interview With LeBron James

Written by John (the other John).

Lillian White: Hi LeBron.
LeBron: Hey bitch.

Lillian: My name is Lillian, but you can call me Lilly White.
LeBron: Ok honkey bitch.

Lillian: Ok. So tell me, you are a political activist nowadays, what are your thoughts on diversity and
LeBron: Well, you honkeys are all racist, you control everything, all the good jobs go to you, so y’all need to learn about diversity and inclusion, so y’all can give other people a chance to make it big in this country.

Lillian: So how do you suggest this be done?
LeBron: All employers should hire people based on their percent of the population, so there can be a diverse workforce, so you pale faces no longer dominate the work environment.

Lillian: And would that make an employer better off?
LeBron: Hell yeah bitch. The diversity in that job will totally improve the product or service being performed.

Lillian: So if the workers should be a facsimile of their percent of the population, would you suggest that your employer, the Los Angeles Lakers, should also hire players based on their proportion of the population? You know, less blacks and more whites and other players?
LeBron: Are you out of your f’kn mind bitch, why the f;k would I want to play with honkeys, sp-x and ch-nx? I wanna f’kn win.

Lillian: But you said you want diversity and inclusion in work environments?
LeBron: $hit, that $hit is for other people; I want to f’kn win, so I don’t go for this diverse $hit. That $hit is for your honkey a$$e$. I still can’t believe you crackaz are so stupid to fall for this $hit we’z pulling on you.

Lillian: Well thank you Lebron for your time.
LeBron: F’k you.
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