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We're safe now: Nicolás Maduro announced that he has the cure for Covid-19

CARACAS - The president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, announced this Sunday that the antiviral Carvativir will soon be released for all health centers in the country, which -he maintained- "neutralizes 100%" the coronavirus.

"Having established the national and international patent, and having received the country's official health permit, I can present the medicine that neutralizes one hundred percent of the coronavirus: Carvativir," said the Chavista leader.

Maduro, who described the drug as "miraculous little dropplet", explained that during the last nine months "massive experiments" were carried out with infected patients. And he highlighted: "This antiviral has been used as part of the treatments applied in Venezuela to patients affected with Covid-19, giving good results. Carvativir is a powerful antiviral from Venezuela. Here we think of humanity."

"This week I have a meeting with the country's health authorities to establish the system of direct distribution by thousands to the country's health centers. It will be incorporated into the kit of medicines against the coronavirus that we are using," Maduro said.

In addition, the president regretted the problems that southern countries are having in accessing vaccines against the coronavirus and, therefore, pointed out that the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America (ALBA) will create a fund of two million dollars to be able to acquire them.

Russian vaccine
Maduro also made reference to the upcoming arrival of the Russian vaccine against the coronavirus, Sputnik V, and reaffirmed the Government's intention to start the vaccination campaign as of April.

In his usual appearance on Sundays, broadcast on Venezuelan public television, Maduro was accompanied by the surgeon of the Central University of Venezuela (UCV), Alexis Hipólito García Piñera, in charge of Sputnik V studies in the country, of which 91% reliability was detected.

The president of Venezuela also announced that starting this Monday a week of flexibility will begin, which responds to the Government's model to stop the advance of the pandemic: the 7 + 7 method, with a week of restrictions and another of economic opening.

"We are surrounded by Colombia and Brazil, countries that have the virus uncontrolled. So, we always have to be renewing the control methods. We must combine the radical quarantine with the periods of relaxation. Without a doubt, this is the method", defended.

The vice president of Venezuela, Delcy Rodríguez, confirmed this Sunday a total of 123,709 accumulated cases and 1,148 deaths.

Source: La Nación
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