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Foreign prisoners cost Hamburg 70 million euros a year

HAMBURG. The accommodation of foreign prisoners in Hamburg resulted in costs of around 70 million euros. On December 14, 2020, 1,023 foreign citizens were in prisons in the Hanseatic city, as the Senate's response to an information request from the AfD parliamentary group shows. The so-called daily detention rate was EUR 186.61 last year.

Non-German offenders made up the majority of the prisoners with 55.06 percent. The largest group is made up of Turks with 136 people, followed by Poles (115) and Afghans (69). The proportion of foreigners in Hamburg is 17 percent. In the case of German prisoners, it is not recorded whether they have a migration background. In the past, the AfD had already called for that to be changed.

AfD demands the fastest possible deportation
420 of the foreign prisoners already have a criminal record. In 416 cases, the offenders are expected to be expelled after they have served their sentences.

The chairman of the AfD parliamentary group in Hamburg's citizenship, Dirk Nockemann, spoke out in favor of deporting foreign offenders as quickly as possible. They would have forfeited their hospitality rights. In view of the Senate answer, he also attacked the red-green Hamburg government. "The left-green dreams of a multicultural ideal society has met a bitter reality."

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