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Germany: Pregnant woman murdered by her Muslim ex boyfriend: more than 60 stab injuries and cuts

Hamm - More than 60 stab wounds and cuts: The killer had brutally massacred his ex Juvy-Ann F. (22), and with her, her unborn child also died.

On Thursday evening at 10.40 p.m., a woman had dialed the emergency number - her brother had apparently attacked his former partner.

When the police arrived at the dark parking lot shortly afterwards, they found the woman's body covered with blood on a row of garages - covered with a pile of leaves.

Shortly afterwards, the officers arrested Alim K. (23). “We have issued an arrest warrant for manslaughter,” said public prosecutor Felix Giesenregen.

The young man from Bergkamen was silent during the police interrogation. He has a criminal record for assault and is on probation.

Forensic doctors found during the autopsy that Juvy-Ann F. had bled to death. The popular young woman with Filipino roots recently lived with two sisters and her mother in Hamm.

Source: Bild
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