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Interregnum: The Donald Trump Presidency

Written by John (the other John).

The word “interregnum” in English History is defined as:
  1. the time during which a throne is vacant between two successive reigns or regimes, and
  2. a period during which the normal functions of government or control are suspended.
The most famous example of this is when King Charles I of England was charged for treason, and then executed by beheading in 1649. This led to what was supposed to be the end of the English Monarchy, and thereby began what was supposed to be a new phase in English history of populism in which Parliament would rule the then brand new “Republic”. This though only lasted until 1653 when Oliver Cromwell took over as Protector until his death in 1658. The Monarchy was soon restored in 1660 with King Charles II. So this brief moment in English history from 1649 to 1660 is known as the “interregnum” because it was the time period between the supposed end of the Monarchy and the later restoration of the Monarchy. Upon historical reflection, this time-period is relevant because it represented the finality to the status quo business-as-usual systemically corrupt all-powerful form of governing, with the subsequent return to the very same existing systems of crookedness and tyranny.

How this relates to the present era in the USA is that our system of government and politics is monopolized by two-Parties that prevent any form of competition. Although arguably those two Political Parties differ in ideology, the traits they do share include:
  • Preserving the two-Party system
  • Preventing independent Parties from having any power or say in governing
  • Allowing unlimited sums of money to be spent on political campaigns (thereby making it impossible for an average unaffiliated person to achieve any serious challenge to the present systems in place)
  • Support and personally benefit off of the deep-State
  • Profit off of domestic and international connections
  • Etc...
For instance, if you examine the years 1981 to January 2017, the nation had been ruled by three families: Bush (both as Vice-President and Presidents), Clinton, and Obama. But as far as actual political Parties, two Parties have controlled this nation since the Civil War. So although the pendulum of power swung back and forth between those two Parties, the commonality between those two Parties was/is them both supporting the continuity of the same corrupt system in which both Parties profit.

Enter Donald Trump in 2015 as candidate for President, a total outsider who shook up the establishment within both Parties (despite his label being “Republican”, he was in reality a populist). From the moment he made is grand entrance down the escalator of Trump Tower, the obsession of his adversaries became “Trump delenda est” (an offshoot of the Latin phrase “Carthago delenda est” written by Cato the Elder [which means “Carthage Must Be Destroyed”]), which was the primary goal 24/7 for every person/entity that supported and benefitted from the current systems in place (both Democrats and Republicans). The reason for this was that Trump represented the eventual abolishment of the systems that allowed these untalented buffoons to prosper off of the taxpayers.

Turn the clock ahead to 2016 when he won the election, this represented the end of the old way of governing (a/k/a, the “ancien regime”, which viewed the deep-State and the media as having divine Royal-like powers, which exempted them from being questioned or second guessed [as that would be a cardinal sin]). But from the moment Trump won (prior to even his inauguration), the “Royalist-like” establishment began scheming for the restoration of the two-Party system. But despite four years of fake news, hoaxes, and a sham impeachment, this failed to derail Trump. Then came the manufactured virus, and then came a complete revamp of the election laws that allowed for mass undetected fraud. This led to the “crucifixion” of the Trump Presidency by them martyring an innocent man. As a result, the chosen hand-picked puppet candidate won, who represents the “restoration” to the old reliable form of crooked governing.

That being said, maybe somewhere in time, future generations will look back and admire the American version of “interregnum” in which the deceitful deep-State establishment was temporarily removed from the Presidency by a courageous and tenacious man. And only with grand-scale fraud could they steal the 2020 election from him.

But until then, no tears by me here because Trump’s destiny was to be a mere temporary historical anomaly from the corrupt insider two-Party system. The history of government has been corruption, so the roots of government have been replanted.

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