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Shoot down AfD politicians: video game at university causes outrage

LEIPZIG. The Saxon AfD reacted with horror to a video game in which AfD politicians are shot down. "The computer game is inhuman and incompatible with the democratic principles of a university," said AfD state and parliamentary group leader Jörg Urban on Wednesday to Junge Freiheit. The software is said to have been programmed by students at the Leipzig University of Technology, Economics and Culture (HTWK).

The AfD parliamentary group in the Saxon state parliament published two pictures on Wednesday that show excerpts from it. On it can be seen the heads of several nationally known AfD politicians, such as the Bundestag parliamentary group leader Alexander Gauland, the deputy AfD chairwoman Beatrix von Storch and Thuringia's AfD boss Björn Höcke. In addition, a heart is shown in which a black and red flag is incorporated, which is reminiscent of the symbol of the left-wing extremist "Antifa".

Shoot down AfD politicians and collect points
In the game, which has several levels of difficulty, according to the AfD, the users are supposed to shoot the displayed politicians with a kind of rocket. For this they receives points. The video game was programmed for a prerequisite examination and was rated as "approved". 

"It is outrageous that this violence-glorifying game has been recognized as an exam prerequisite. If the allegations are confirmed, a suspension of the responsible teacher is inevitable," said Urban.

A spokeswoman for the HTWK said on Wednesday when asked by the JF that the process was currently being checked internally in connection with a state parliament request from the AfD. The university does not want to say more about this at the moment.

Source: Junge Freiheit
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