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Merkel puts citizens in the mood for tough times and praises "the power of diversity"

BERLIN. In her 16th New Year address, Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) prepared the Germans for the hard winter months due to the Covid pandemic. “These days and weeks, there is nothing to gloss over, these are difficult times for our country. And it will stay that way for quite a while,” said Merkel, according to the manuscript of the speech that was distributed in advance. It will be up to the citizens for a long time how the country will get through the crisis. "Winter is and will be hard."

In the past year, “something came upon us that the world hadn't expected,” added the CDU politician. "It hits us where we are most human: in close contact, in a hug, in conversation, while celebrating." Merkel called the pandemic a "political, social, economic task of the century". It is a "historical crisis that has imposed a lot on everyone and too much on some".

"Power of diversity that brings progress"
The Chancellor emphasized that the first reliable Covid test and the first vaccine approved in Europe had been developed in Germany. The founders of the Mainz company Biontech, which produces a vaccine together with the US partner Pfizer, reported to Merkel that people from 60 nations work in their company. "Nothing could better show that it is European and international cooperation, that it is the power of diversity that brings progress."

The CDU politician explicitly responded to what she saw as the "incorrigible" who denied the virus. Conspiracy theories are "not only untrue and dangerous", but also "cynical and cruel" towards those people who have lost relatives in the pandemic. "At the end of this breathless year it is also important to pause for a moment - and mourn." Society should not forget "how many have lost a loved one without being able to be close to them in the last few hours".

The Chancellor wants to be vaccinated
With a view to the vaccination campaign that began on Sunday, Merkel said that hope has also had faces for a few days. "They are the faces of the first vaccinated, the very old and their nurses, the medical staff in the intensive care units - not only here, but in all European and many other countries." She will also be vaccinated the Chancellor announced.

She ended her speech with personal words. Since she will not run again in the Bundestag election in September, it is "in all likelihood the last time that I can address you as Chancellor with a New Year's speech". She had never experienced such a worrying year in her chancellorship. Still, she has never looked forward to the New Year with so much hope.

Source: Junge Freiheit
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