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“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof...”

Written by John (the other John).

The title of this article is the first part of the 1 st Amendment to the US Constitution known as the “anti-establishment clause”, which as the words say, Congress can neither establish a religion, nor prohibit a religion. This amendment had been ratified in 1791, and its intent is self-evident and thus it has rarely been fundamentally challenged. That is, until now.

Today, the Leftist establishment has waged a war against the Christo-Judeo religion; but not because they hate God and Jesus, but because they hate the ethics and morality of these religions. I will not repeat what I stated in a prior article, so I will just refer to that by a link to it. But the quick point here is that the Left is taking incremental steps to slowly prohibit and eliminate Christianity.

The larger point of this article though is in regards to the Left’s attempt to establish their own secular religion known as “wokeness”. There is no formal building (like a church) for this religion to be practiced, so they instead are using government offices, Universities, and corporate Human Resource departments to compel unwilling participants to learn this religion, and then to practice this religion. So instead of preaching the Christian tenets of love, equality, respect, empathy, they instead preach:
  • Whites are ipso facto inferior,
  • whites are ipso facto sinners,
  • whites must be punished,
  • all others are victims of whites,
  • whites must pay reparations,
  • if whites become “woke” then they admit being “racist”,
  • if whites reject “wokeness”, then that act alone proves they are “racist”
  • etc...
If a person refuses to accept the establishment of this religion for themselves, then they can be sacked from their job, or they may be denied an earned promotion for a lesser qualified person.

What we need to fight this is to have public interest law firms who are willing to litigate this issue by suing the culprits (government, Universities, corporations) for a violation of people’s 1st Amendment right to live free of the officially established religion of “wokeness”. The lower Courts will likely side with the government, but ultimately the Supreme Court would rule on this most important of issues.

By way of history, the main purpose of this Amendment was in large part due to the religious wars between Protestants and Catholics in England, in which the side that countered that of the Monarch was punished. Similarly today, the side whose religious views (or lack of religious views) counter that of the tyrant of the day are being pressured under threat of economic ruin to adopt “wokeness” as our religion, with George Floyd being the prophet Black Jesus.

If the 1 st Amendment goes, then so shall all other Amendments. And if that occurs, then there is no America; and hence, no more Western Civilization.
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