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Political Leader Pushes To Treat 'Race Offenders' Like Pedophiles, Control Their Housing, Keep Them Jobless

Should “race offenders” be treated like pedophiles? Sasha Johnson, the leader of a new British political party, says yes.

According to the Daily Mail, Johnson — the soi-disant “Black Panther of Oxford,” who rose to prominence after appearing in a black beret and camouflage pants during Black Lives Matter protests earlier this year — says her party platform would bar people guilty of those offenses, including so-called “micro-aggressions,” from living in certain neighborhoods or holding certain jobs.

Johnson, 26, was one of the organizers of the Million People March, according to ITV. (The march actually attracted hundreds.) She’s now the leader of the Taking the Initiative Party, or TTIP. It was first described as the first “black-led” party in the United Kingdom, although Johnson now describes it as “black-founded.”

In an interview with the Mail, she said that the “race offenders” register would operate in a manner “similar” to a sex offenders register.

The national register, while not clearly outlined, would disallow those on it from living near racial minorities.

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“It’s similar to the sex offenders register,” she said in the interview, published Tuesday. “If you were to be racially abusive to someone, [the register] would question whether someone is fit enough to hold a particular job where their bias could influence another person’s life.”

 However, the kind of behavior that would land you on this list seemed rather vague. Oh, but thankfully, you’d get a warning.

“A lot of racism happens at work and places of education in a micro-aggressive way. If you exhibit an element of bias at work, you should probably receive a warning first [before later being added to the register] so people know in future that you hold these views,” she said.

“While the party does not provide a list of specific [offenses] which would warrant inclusion on the register, its manifesto does state that anyone merely ‘accused’ of an [offense] would be added, as well as anyone ‘charged’ with a race crime,” the Mail reported.

 And if you end up on the list, Johnson said “you could be excluded from ‘certain fields’ of employment — or even banned from living near people from ethnic minorities,” the outlet added.

“If you live in a majority-colored neighborhood you shouldn’t reside there because you’re a risk to those people — just like if a sex offender lived next to a school he would be a risk to those children,” she said.

In the interview, Johnson also said reparations were necessary because the U.K. government’s long-ago legacy of slavery and the fact that capitalism “holds us down” required recompense.


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