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Report: Health Care Workers Turned Away Elderly Lining Up for Vaccine, Busted Giving Doses to Family and Friends Hours Later

 Some seniors in Tennessee this week were allegedly turned away after waiting for hours in line for coronavirus vaccinations, but once they were gone, friends and family members of those who were distributing the doses jumped the line, according to a report.

WRCB-TV reported the stunning display of nepotism that occurred on Thursday evening in Chattanooga at the city’s Tennessee Riverpark, where those who were in line to be inoculated, many of them over the age of 75, were suddenly told to go home.

The miscue in public health service occurred after Hamilton County officials revised their vaccination targets for New Year’s Eve to include all county residents over the age of 75. Word had spread, and by mid-morning, cars were lining up.

Apparently, Hamilton County health officials at one point felt the number of people in line to receive shots exceeded their available stock of Pfizer’s COVID vaccine. The health department issued a public message notifying many who had been waiting to leave and return another time. A tweet shows the alert was posted shortly before 9 a.m. Thursday.

“ALERT: If you are currently in the COVID-19 vaccination line and are beyond the intersection of 153 and Amnicola, please leave the line NOW and return at another time. Check back later today. Many more opportunities will open up soon,” Hamilton Health tweeted.

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 The department even offered those who had been waiting for directions on how to leave without blocking a nearby highway.



But just a few hours later, those who were conducting the vaccinations said they had completely run out of vaccine doses. WRCB reported those who had not yet reached the park entrance were asked to leave, and that included many people over the age of 75 who had waited in vain.

A media release from the health department noted, in part, that “officials didn’t want them to continue sitting in their cars and not get the vaccine because supply was limited.”

Those waiting in line at that point were estimated to be in the hundreds. WRCB reported vaccines had allegedly not run out at all, and once the crowd had dispersed, those whose job it was to ensure the most vulnerable were treated ended up giving away doses to friends and family members.

“Acting on a tip, Channel 3 returned to the Riverpark after dark to find cars leaving the property. The people in those vehicles told Channel 3 family members or friends who were helping to administer the vaccines called to tell them there were extra doses and they should come to receive a dose,” the outlet reported.

WRCB spoke to one driver who was leaving the park who had bragged, “We have got contacts,” after being asked how he and the seven occupants of his car were vaccinated.

Video of that exchange was shared on Twitter by WRCB-TV news director Callie Starnes:



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