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"Soko LinX" investigates an attack against Leipzig church

LEIPZIG. After the attack on a church in Leipzig, the “Soko LinX” responsible for left-wing extremism took over the investigation. The reason for this is a letter of confession on the scene portal "Indymedia", said a spokeswoman for the State Criminal Police Office of Saxony to news station MDR.

In the past week, strangers had thrown glasses and stones filled with color at the church. This resulted in damage of almost 10,000 euros.

In the text written in English, the perpetrators justify their actions with the situation in the refugee camps on the borders of Europe. Since churches stand for white, Christian Europe, they are now chosen as the targets of the attacks. They are a symbol of false peace, patriotism and tradition, the letter continues. The Evangelical St. Luke Church in Leipzig was chosen because it honors the "sexist, anti-Semite and friend of tyranny, Martin Luther".

Refugee rescuers suspect "neo-Nazis' deception"
Meanwhile, the founder of the refugee organization "Mission Lifeline", Axel Steier, expressed doubts that left-wing extremists were the perpetrators. “Churches support sea rescue and have their own ship in the Mediterranean. The fact that leftists are behind the attack is absurd, ”Steier told Bild newspaper. He suspects a "neo-Nazi deception".

Leipzig is one of the focal points of left-wing extremism in Germany. After a series of attacks and acts of violence, the State Ministry of the Interior founded "Soko LinX", a special commission to investigate far-left criminality in November 2019 .

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