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US Capitol stormed by pro-Trump protesters

Supporters of US President Trump stormed the Capitol in Washington. After a large demonstration and a speech by US President Donald Trump, demonstrators have entered the government building. Lawmakers were brought to safety. There were several injured. A woman was shot dead. After four hours, the Capitol was safe again.

Before the results of the US presidential election were confirmed in the US Congress, there were serious clashes between supporters of the elected President Donald Trump and security people in front of the government buildings. After a heated Republican speech, Trump supporters marched in front of the Capitol, to protest against the certification of the presidential election results.

Several protesters then entered the Capitol. They made it into the US Congress Chamber. In which the election results should be confirmed beforehand. The two chambers of congress had to abruptly interrupt their sessions, chambers of parliament were cleared, lawmakers and Vice President Mike Pence were brought to safety.

Several officers were injured at the Capitol. At least one of them was hospitalized. A woman who was shot in the Capitol after supporters of the elected US President Donald Trump broke in has died. A police spokeswoman confirmed the death of the woman to the German Press Agency on Wednesday evening (local time). The exact background was initially unclear. When climbing the facade on the west side of the Capitol, a 24-year-old fell nine meters into the depth. According to CNN, his condition is critical.

MSNBC reported that two explosive devices that the US Federal Police FBI defused were also found near the Capitol.

After numerous politicians urged Trump to stop the outbreak of violence, the president published a video message on Twitter calling on his supporters to withdraw.

Twitter blocked the video for likes, retweets, and replies. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg declared the situation in Washington, D.C., an "emergency" and takes "additional measures" to "keep people safe."

Source: various.
Photo: Lea Millis/REUTERS
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