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Argentina: to obtain a driver's license you will have to take a course on feminism, gender violence and patriarchy

From now on, if you need a driving license in Argentina, you will have to complete a course on gender issues. This was announced by the National Road Safety Agency (ANSV) to the Official Gazette of the country.

This new subject is in addition to the usual ones that include knowledge about driving and psychophysical skills. Now, people will be asked to pass a test related to masculinities, patriarchy, femicides, access and participation of women in the transport sector, among others topics.

"It is understood that it is necessary to incorporate in the compulsory course for the granting of the National Driver's License a module that considers the subject in question. Equality and the delegitimization of violence against women in driving and everything around that will be promoted," explained the ANSV resolution.

The new regulations clarified that the contents that will be mandatory to obtain a driver's license in Argentina are "gender, roles and stereotypes, gender identity, gender violence, types and modalities of violence."

In addition to those already mentioned, topics on resources, tools and ways of approaching violence in the driving of motor vehicles and in transportation will be included.

From the ANSV they assured that in the coming weeks the material will be prepared to include it in the process of those who want to get their driver's license.

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