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Germany: 13-year-old killed in Sinsheim - young suspect is brought before a judge

A 14-year-old Turk is said to have killed a 13-year-old on Wednesday near Sinsheim-Eschelbach (Rhein-Neckar district). The 14-year-old was arrested. It wasn't his first act of violence.

According to police, the 14-year-old suspect was arrested in the immediate vicinity of the crime scene. He is to be brought before the judge on Thursday. The boy is suspected of having killed the 13-year-old. The investigators assume a violent crime with a knife. The exact background of the act is still unclear. The police assume that the two knew each other.

The suspect has already appeared to the police several times, among other things because of a serious act of violence. At that time, however, he was not yet of criminal age (he was under 14 years old). Apparently it is the same boy who seriously injured a then 13-year-old with a knife at a secondary school in Östringen (Karlsruhe district) last November. According to previous information, the background to the act is a dispute that has been smoldering for months between the German-Turkish students who are in the 7th grade.

The attacker came into his victim's classroom after the break and inflicted several stab wounds on the upper body. The seriously injured student was flown to a clinic in a rescue helicopter. The background is said to have been a month-long dispute between the seventh graders at the time.

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