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Canada doing one of the worst jobs in the world in fighting COVID

Canada currently ranks 61st out of 98 countries in its performance on fighting COVID, says a recent study by the Lowy Institute, an Australian think tank.

The Lowy COVID Performance Index measures total cases, total deaths, cases per million, deaths per million, cases per test and total amount of tests. New Zealand Vietnam and Taiwan are the three top countries in this study, with points in the high 80s to mid 90s. 

 Canada scores a dismal 61 out of 98 on the list with a rating of 39.5, behind El Salvador, Namibia, Paraguay, Italy and Belarus.



 "'He [Trudeau] is also the only G7 leader who has not returned to the office and is still trying to manage a once-in-a-century crisis from home.' The numbers are in: Canada’s COVID-fighting efforts are among world’s worst," says the above tweet.

"The only thing our leaders are doing well is blaming others. The premiers, who utterly failed to impose effective lockdown measures when there was still a chance to stop the pandemic in its tracks, and who are currently failing to distribute the few vaccines they do have, are blaming the federal government. The federal government is blaming the manufacturers. And, recently, both levels of government have been blaming international travellers, which is an interesting scapegoat," according to Macleans.

Canada's dismal performance in this index is especially disconcerting considering the amount and scope of the draconian measures that have been taken in order to deal with the novel coronavirus, including the new travel regulations, which are being legally challenged.


Source: Post Millennial 

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