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Biden in the prescription frenzy

Written by Lukas Beyer for Junge Freiheit.

Anyone who thought the new US President was an old man with dementia due to his countless slip of the tongue and the moments of mental derangement in front of the camera and had therefore expected an uneventful style of government was surprised in the first days of the Biden presidency. Last fall, Biden had announced that only dictators rule by “executive order”, because this would undermine the system of political separation of powers, but this correct view no longer seems to hold.

Within ten days, Biden has now issued over 25 decrees - more than his predecessors Donald Trump, Barack Obama, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton combined. Even The New York Times, which lately seemed to consist only of Biden hagiographies, asked for restraint these days.

Some voters seem surprised by Biden's sudden change of heart - even though he has been known since his failed presidential election campaign in 1988 for not being too strict about the truth. Apparently, however, his intention is to remind the citizens of the United States who they are dealing with.

Biden steers further to the left
On the day of his appointment, he issued an order “To protect public health and the environment and to restore science to tackle the climate crisis”. This is expected to cost 11,000 jobs in the energy sector in the near future. Of course, Joe had promised not to sacrifice the oil and gas industry on the altar of climate protection, for example by banning fracking. But that is no longer necessary.

Staged as a middle-class candidate during the election campaign, Biden seems to have moved more and more towards the left of the political spectrum since his appointment. Among the numerous decrees, “progressive” curiosities can be found that should surpass even the wet dreams of pink-haired Social Justice Warriors.

The various sexual minorities can henceforth live with a clear conscience in a country where men in clothes are allowed to use the ladies' room. Even transgender athletes can breathe a sigh of relief, because finally biological men will be allowed to compete with women in sports as long as they put on a little make-up. What a blessing also for young men who can now hope for coveted college scholarships in women's sports. Transgender people are now allowed to return to the US military.

Biden administration advises to use a double mask
The new magic word in terms of social and economic reform is "equity", which is intended to replace the previous construct of equal opportunities and replace it with equality in the result. A rogue who thinks of socialism here! All people - regardless of skin color, gender, sexual orientation and the like - should lead the same life through economic redistribution and selective access to education and other privileges. To this end, Biden recently ordered economic support for non-whites, women, the disabled and sexual minorities.

So the healing of a deeply divided society can begin. Incidentally, there are also supposed rays of hope when it comes to Covid. The Biden administration has found a solution to the - in the USA - widespread social debate about the effectiveness of protective masks: Please wear two masks in future. It could all be so simple, you just have to come up with the simple solutions.

Whether Biden will overcome the social division of the country with similar flashes of inspiration, however, may be doubted.

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