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First images of Jodie Turner-Smith as Queen of England Anne Boleyn

This week, in another attempt to rewrite history, the first images of  Jodie Turner-Smith as Tudor queen Anne Boleyn were released to the media. The series will be delievered as a three-part psychological thriller “Anne Boleyn” for ViacomCBS-backed U.K. broadcaster Channel 5 later this year.

Produced by Fable Pictures and Sony Pictures Television, “Anne Boleyn” garnered headlines last year for Turner-Smith’s casting, which marks one of a handful of times a Black actor has portrayed a major royal figure on a British terrestrial broadcaster. More recently, Sophie Okonedo played Queen of England Margaret, who was married to Henry VI, in the BBC’s “The Hollow Crown.” She starred opposite Benedict Cumberbatch.

Source: Variety
Photos: Parisa Taghizadeh/Wikimedia Commons.
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