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Spain: The Cádiz City Council studies whether the walkways on the beach are sexist

The Cádiz City Council requested a report from the Municipal Women's Foundation last September to study whether the replacement of the wooden walkways over the dune cordon of Cortadura beach "guaranteed gender equality" and incorporated a "feminist look”.

The Environment area wanted to ask whether the realization of this project oriented "to the protection, conservation and environment" entailed "a significant increase in inequalities between men and women" and thus achieve that "it becomes a project whose characteristics contribute to the achievement of a more equitable society ", according to the document to which La Voz de Cádiz has had access.

The Consistory wanted to replace the access walkway to the beach in order to avoid the deterioration of the ecosystem, but it wanted to make sure that the action was free of sexist connotations. The Cádiz City Council intends, according to the supporting text, "to guarantee the gender perspective in all its actions through the transversal introduction of gender equality in all phases of public intervention."

The action collides with the resolution of the Territorial Employment Delegation of the Board, which this week has denied the agreement of the municipal company EMASA because "it shows the lack of interest in all those issues (access and promotion in employment, conciliation of family and work life, risks in the event of pregnancy or breastfeeding, equal pay, prevention of sexual harassment and for reasons of sex) that affect working women, not regulating such aspects, and without referring to all these issues or their Regulatory regulations ”.

The councilor of the PP, Maite González, criticized the management in EMASA and stated that “it is incomprehensible that they are all day with the banner of feminism and are not even capable of applying the equality laws that are in force in the scope of the City Council itself ”.

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