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France: Anti-discrimination platform announced by Emmanuel Macron should be operational in mid-February

The platform, which the Head of State spoke about after the violent arrest of Michel Zecler, will concern all forms of discrimination, and not only those related to the controls of the police.

The anti-discrimination platform announced by Emmanuel Macron to Brut, after the images of the violent arrest of Michel Zecler (a black music producer attacked at his studio in Paris for not wearing a face mask, as required during the Covid-19 pandemic), should be operational in mid-February, Le Figaro learned from the office of the Defender of Rights on Tuesday 2 February, confirming information from franceinfo.

"Today, when we have a skin color that is not white, we are much more controlled (…) We are identified as a factor of problems and it is unbearable", declared the Head of State to Brut. "The only way to move is to do what we have been able to do about other forms of violence: set up a common platform so that people can denounce in a very simple, unique and national way" . According to the executive, the platform will concern all forms of discrimination, and not only those related to the controls of the police.

A dedicated site with an identifiable slogan
As announced by Emmanuel Macron, the services of the Defender of Rights, Claire Hédon, will manage this platform, in collaboration with associations fighting against discrimination and the State. It should be hosted on a dedicated website, and should take the model of the "Stop sexual and gender-based violence" platform , based on a strongly identifiable slogan.

"The idea is that there could be a telephone tapping in the first curtain, and in the second curtain the possibility of contacting a lawyer", explains to franceinfo the Ministry of Equality between Women and Men, of Diversity and Equal Opportunities. Contacted by Le Figaro, the ministry has not yet responded to our requests.

Emmanuel Macron had also mentioned a " big poll " where " people can go and say how they are discriminated against and where". Finally, a citizen consultation will be open online for two months, anonymously, in addition to the platform. " The goal is to have a perfect mapping of the French perception on the question of discrimination", says the ministry. Concrete measures should follow from this.

Source: Le Figaro
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