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German psychologist: Soccer has to become more diverse

FRANKFURT / MAIN. The psychologist Heidi Möller has called for more diversity in professional soccer. In addition, the Bundesliga clubs should be more committed to central social values. The corona crisis has made it clear that the professional soccer and the company would have to move closer together, the professor of theory and methodology of consultancy said at the University of Kassel, who also initiated the "Task Force future professional soccer," within the German Soccer League, reported Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

“Professional soccer has to become much more diverse. That is a crucial aspect. Just imagine: 97 percent of the work in professional clubs is men. Even the DAX companies are better, which are also pretty bad,” criticized Möller. You have to look for women in full-time and voluntary positions in clubs with a magnifying glass.

"A concept for gender equality is not rocket science. You can do that quickly. And studies have shown that diversity brings advantages to companies. It would be stupid not to tackle this change process."

Commitment to sustainability
Otherwise you are giving away competitive advantages, warned the psychologist. However, a distinction had to be made between promoting women in soccer and promoting women's soccer. These are two fundamentally different things.

At the same time, Möller warned that professional soccer should not move further away from society. It is therefore important to orientate oneself on the corresponding values. "This includes integrity, transparency and economic reason. In any case, many people no longer understand the consultant salaries and transfer fees." The human rights of the United Nations are another guiding principle.

In addition, soccer must seriously commit to sustainability. “Sustainability doesn't just mean CO2 neutrality, environmental and climate protection. That is important, but just as important are the economic issues and the social anchoring of professional soccer. ”None of this can be thought of independently of one another. Economy, ecology and social roots should be understood as a triad.

Again and again political actions
As early as 2019, the managing director of the second division soccer club FC St. Pauli, Andreas Rettig, called for licenses for professional soccer to be issued in the future based on sustainability and social responsibility. It must be about taking the change in values ​​into account.

The Bundesliga professional clubs repeatedly take part in political campaigns and initiatives. For example, several clubs have joined the “Diversity Charter”, including Eintracht Frankfurt and VFL Wolfsburg. Last year the league also paid tribute to the “Black Lives Matter” movement in several games . The German Soccer Association is also regularly committed to combating racism and promoting sexual diversity.

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