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Alice Weidel and Eva Braun: Bundeswehr lecturer tweeted Nazi comparison

MUNICH. Political scientist Carlo Masala caused outrage with a comparison between AfD parliamentary group leader Alice Weidel and Hitler's wife Eva Braun. The professor of international politics at the Bundeswehr University in Munich posted a photo of Braun and one by Weidel on Twitter and wrote “Left the virus, right the mutant”.

When a user criticized the tweet, Masala initially defended it with the words: “Sometimes it has to be the broadsword.” However, he later deleted it and wrote: “I deleted the Weidel tweet. Too many misunderstandings. But there is no excuse. "

The Bundeswehr University did not want to comment on the content of the tweet. It was a private statement by Masala, which was covered by freedom of expression, said a spokesman at the request of Junge Freiheit.

Scientists are grown people who have to answer for their own statements. In all likelihood, there will therefore be no consequences on the part of the university. Since Masala deleted the tweet, he probably also saw that it was wrong.

AfD parliamentary group leader Weidel rejected the comparison. “A totally otherworldly tweet. It couldn't be more tasteless."

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