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Germany: Greens want "Ministry of Cohesion" - For diversity and against discrimination

On the occasion of the anniversary of the Hanau attack, the Greens want to anchor protection against “group-related violation” and the “elimination of existing disadvantages” in the Basic Law. Claudia Roth and Aminata Touré, for example, signed the request.

On the occasion of the anniversary of the Hanau attack, Rünen members from the federal government, the federal states and the EU Parliament presented a concept paper for a diverse society and the reduction of discrimination. It is about "the actual equality of all", says the text that the AFP news agency received on Thursday in Berlin. A key demand is the ban on "all forms of group-related enmity" in the Basic Law.

Another requirement in the paper, which the Zeit Online portal first reported, is the establishment of a “Federal Ministry for Social Cohesion”. At its core, this should encompass the specialist area of ​​the previous family department, but should be upgraded through additional competencies, for example in the areas of migration and refuge as well as promoting democracy.

Regarding the amendment to the Basic Law, the text states that Article 3 Paragraph 3 of the Constitution should be supplemented with the following sentence: "The state guarantees protection against any group-related violation of the equal dignity of all people and works towards the elimination of existing disadvantages." who have their center of life in Germany should also have the right to vote regardless of their nationality.

The Greens want to develop the Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency (ADS) into a “central actor” who, in addition to its function as an ombudsman and counseling center, will in future also accompany, advise and monitor anti-discrimination measures.

A federal anti-discrimination law is intended to create a uniform legal framework in order to effectively reduce discrimination . The Greens want to strengthen the rights of those affected by partially reversing the burden of proof..

The paper has been signed by, among others, Bundestag Vice-President Claudia Roth, Bundestag member Ulle Schauws, Vice-President of the Schleswig-Holstein Landtag, Aminata Touré, the Greens' spokeswoman for women's politics, Gesine Agena, and the Berlin Green Top candidate Bettina Jarasch. Agena told Zeit Online that the realization of equality in society was “a central task for the next federal government”.

The Greens want to promote civil society work to strengthen democracy and protection against discrimination . "To this end, a law promoting democracy is absolutely necessary, with which important civil society work is structurally and permanently financially secured," says the text.

For all new laws there should be a “diversity impact assessment”. Analogous to the ethics council, a “council for equality and cohesion in a society of many” is to be formed.

Source: Welt
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