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One Article, Two Titles: Race Preferential Grading System; The Right To Know

Written by John (the other John).

To achieve “racial justice” (whatever the f’k that is [besides being anti-white]), there is a new movement from schools at all levels to have “race preferential grading systems” (which is artificially raising someone’s test score for no other reason than being less susceptible to sunburn; i.e., non-white). In practice, by raising the test scores for groups of people who generally score lower, they will get better University spots and better jobs than they deserve (ex. doctors, lawyers, airline pilots, engineers, etc...). All this is in the name of “racial justice” (which is really legal racism against whites). The Left not only has no shame for this policy, they actually proudly promote it. (And if someone dies along the way due to incompetence, oh well, they are mere collateral damage for the greater good of anti-whiteness).

That being said, the second part of the title of this article is the “right to know”. So as long as the Left is proud of this policy, then similarly, the general public has a right to know if (for example) the doctor who will do heart surgery (or any and all medical procedures) on them got their job out of merit or out of some “race preferential grading system”. Or if the airline pilot earned his/her position due to excellence, or did he/she get the job to fill a quota?

I certainly would reject any such person who obtained such a critical job because he/she fulfilled a “check mark” on somebody’s sheet (as opposed to merit). So I say, let the free market of consumerism decide if they want an unworthy people servicing them. I can also say with great confidence that those who promote such policies do not use such doctors (you think that [for example] Biden, Harris, GS use incompetent doctors? No, they hire the best doctors; it is us insignificant peons whom they want to use these unfit doctors).
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