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Germany: Gypsy immigrants without a passport also receive higher social benefits

CELLE. Gypsy immigrants are entitled to higher social benefits even if they cannot prove their identity. The State Social Court of Lower Saxony-Bremen in Celle has issued a corresponding judgment. According to the decision that became known on Monday, the Hildesheim district must grant applicants higher benefits under the Asylum Seekers Benefits Act.

The court thus rejected the district's complaint against a decision by the local social court, reported the epd news agency. This had obliged the district to pay the six-member Roma family from Kosovo full social benefits and to give them access to the statutory health insurance system.

Several states did not confirm citizenship
The family had not been able to prove their identity for years. Neither Kosovo nor Serbia and North Macedonia confirmed their citizenship. Therefore, since 2015, the district has refused to pay the usual social benefits to the plaintiffs on the grounds that they had not presented any passports.

The regional social court ruled that the family had not been able to prove that it had refused to obtain the identity papers. The agency also referred to a guideline issued by the UN Commissioner for Refugees to determine the international protection needs of people from Kosovo, according to which many Roma are not registered in the country.

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