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Islamo-leftism: the Left-Green fraternization with Islam

Written by Jürgen Liminski for Junge Freiheit.

There is still a discussion beyond the Covid pandemic. At least in France. The past few weeks have also been overshadowed by the unease with Islam and its growths. After the debate in parliament on the "Law to Strengthen Republican Values" - a correct but timid attempt to curb violent Islam into law - a debate has now broken out over the spiritual and intellectual swaths and connections that have been sweeping the country for years wabern and have now found a keyword: Islamo-Gauchisme, which means something like Islamo-leftism.

The term describes an attitude mainly in the green and left camp of the political spectrum. They see Muslim immigrants as the substitute proletarian and Islam as the religion of the poor and the oppressed. The fact that this attitude has hardly anything to do with reality in Islamic countries and that Islam with its potential for violence is also completely misunderstood is irrelevant for left-wing ideologues. They see the world as it suits them politically, regardless of losses. It is similar with the Islamists and this kind of thinking connects very much.

The debate has been causing a stir since the Minister for Higher Education, Frederique Vidal, announced during a 22-minute interview in mid-February that the ministry would have a study carried out on left-wing Islamism at French universities to examine whether taxpayers' money is wasted on this issues and ideologies related to it.

The exact opposite is true
More than 600 professors and lecturers shouted that freedom of research was in danger, that science was being tamed, that free teaching should be muzzled. The fact is that just the opposite is true. In Bordeaux, the philosopher Sylviane Agacinski was shouted down when she tried to justify her refusal to accept surrogacy.

Alain Finkielkraut had a similar experience when he wanted to give a lecture at the famous Institute for Political Science in Paris - for him, Jewish ancestry was enough. The sociologist Bernard Rougier, who became famous in France over a year ago with the study on “The Conquered Territories of Islam”, has since been threatened and attacked on social networks. The orientalist Gilles Kepel, who in several books draws attention to the dangers of Islam in France too, is not doing any better; he too needs police protection.

It was Kepel who was one of the first to describe the fraternization of the left with Islam as a new political and totalitarian trend. He showed that on the left, guilt complexes because of the colonial past led to mechanisms of repression that blinded people to the totalitarian dangers.

Muslims as the new proletariat
This left sees a new proletariat in the Muslims of the outskirts and in Islam in general. They understand the Muslim community “as an abstract and uniform category” and “disregards their social, cultural or even religious differentiations as they exist in every human community”.

They only perceive the minority who denounce the liberal West and the capitalist system. They understand the slogans of the Salafists, Muslim Brotherhood and jihadists as a kind of rebellion against the capitalist system. In his latest book (The Prophet and the Pandemic), he compares Islamism with the virus that spreads via aerosols.

Jihad is in the air, so to speak, the new generation of Islamists no longer need any concrete orders from above, it is enough to create the atmosphere of the promise of salvation for the warriors of Allah that is spread across social networks.

"Attempt by the last, clinically dead and already foul-smelling Marxists"
In the debate, which is not only conducted in the feature pages, lines are drawn up to the epigones of the '68 generation. The left-wing revolutionaries of yore have ended their march through the institutions and are largely of retirement age. But their spirit has remained in the universities and is celebrating a resurrection in other ideologies, such as genderism, sexual diversity fantasies and, above all, deconstructivism.

The connection to the new “proletarian substitute class” of the Islamists, who have little use for these fantasies, happens through the bridge of the culture of the minorities. The professor of public law at the University of Rennes, Anne-Marie Le Pourhiet, explains it like this: “This trend is not a finished concept, but a formula that, under the label culture, the interaction of left-wing and ethnic Minorities made possible, whereby Islamism is just one component ”.

The writer Michel Houellebecq puts it less academically and more drastically in his novel “Submission”. For him, left-wing Islamist ideology is "the desperate attempt by the last, clinically dead and already foul-smelling Marxists to get out of the bins of history by clinging to the rising forces of Islam".

Macron needs right-of-center voters for his re-election
The desperate attempt not only divides France more sharply into left and right, but also sharpens the ideological contours of the president's party, La Republique en Marche (LREM). The left part of the party feels connected to Islam, but has remained silent since Macron, after initial hesitation, supported the minister.

Macron needs the right-of-center voters for his re-election, and there the unease about the Islamist excesses is particularly great in everyday life. There is little understanding among these electoral groups for the fact that only halal meat should be served in the cafeteria or school canteens, that student representatives that have been infiltrated by Islam should decide whether the Nikab and headscarf are allowed in the lectures or not, that research funding from Europe is preferred to be given to chairs for gender, anti-racism and other ideological subjects.

There are many trails of intellectual history running through France. Totalitarian left Islamism is one of them. The prophetic zeal with which the minister and Macron are fought on campus shows how necessary this debate is today. And one can probably assume that the cultural bridge between (Islamic) minorities and green-left, totalitarian political currents is already busy in other countries, not least in Germany. It is basically a question of identity and leftist currents have always had their problems with that.

Source: Junge Freiheit
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