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Mark Zuckerberg Worked to Free Criminals in Oklahoma. A Monster Freed Early Ate a Woman's Heart and Killed a 4-Year-Old Girl

Criminal justice reform is a euphemism for a horrifying nightmare in which criminals were set loose under pressure from billionaire activist donors to commit horrifying crimes, terrorizing cities, destroying communities, and taking lives.

An Oklahoma man who had been released early from prison in January as part of a mass commutation effort is now accused of three killings, including the death of a neighbor whose heart he cut out, authorities said.

A judge denied bail Tuesday for Lawrence Paul Anderson, who faces three counts of first-degree murder, one count of assault and one count of maiming for the attack this month in Chickasha, about 35 miles southwest of Oklahoma City.

According to the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation, Anderson is accused of killing Andrea Lynn Blankenship, 41, and cutting out her heart. Authorities say Anderson brought the heart to his aunt and uncle’s house, cooked it with potatoes and tried to serve it to them before killing Leon Pye, 67, wounding the aunt and killing Kaeos Yates, the pair’s 4-year-old granddaughter.

Anderson had been sentenced in 2017 to 20 years in prison for probation violations on a drug case, the newspaper reported.

Probation violations on a drug case is exactly the kind of thing that stirs the passions of criminal justice reformers.

Convicted cocaine dealer Lawrence Paul Anderson was ordered back to prison in 2017 for 20 more years after being caught with a gun and using drugs.

Anderson “remains a threat to both society and himself,” his probation and parole officer reported at the time.

He got out Jan. 18, after a little more than three years behind bars.

Grady County District Attorney Jason Hicks is upset Anderson, 42, was out at all.

“This has to be addressed by the Legislature, sooner rather than later, because more people are going to get killed,” the prosecutor said. “We’re seeing this all over the state. Repeat offenders go to prison. They’re not there very long. And they come home and they’re committing crimes just like this.”

Anderson was first sentenced to prison in Oklahoma in 2006 for four years for attacking his girlfriend, pointing a gun at her and possession of crack cocaine with the intent to distribute, records show. He was out in less than two years.

He went back to prison in 2012 to serve a 15-year sentence for selling crack cocaine near an elementary school in Chickasha. He also was ordered to spend 20 years on probation after his release. He was out in less than five years and four months.

Anderson's sentence was apparently commuted in June. Oklahoma was a major target of an alliance between lefties and "conservatives" on criminal justice reform that predated the coronavirus mass jailbreak. And behind the push to free criminals was Mark Zuckerberg and

Steele has rallied them under the banner of Oklahomans for Criminal Justice Reform, a nonprofit that operates out of a swanky urban loft over a craft brewery a few miles away from TEEM. It was OCJR, working with the progressive advocacy group, fronted by tech giant Mark Zuckerberg, that helped apply pressure to the governor to commute those sentences in November

That's not the commutation of Anderson, but it shows the pattern. has a whole page dedicated to its plot to help criminals in Oklahoma. 

The cutouts have sold freeing criminals to conservatives by rebranding it as criminal justice reform, by emphasizing how much money prisons cost, and how they represent big government.

And the result is a sharp increase in crime nationwide and terror in the streets. 

Would the BLM riots have been so bad if so many criminals hadn't been set loose? Doubtfully. Republicans who free criminals end up paying the political price while the special interests behind it walk away.

Anderson should have been kept locked up. He was yet another obvious example of a monster who should never have been loose. But he was. And now a girl lies dead, stabbed in the eye, and a woman lies dead, her heart torn out.

The only question is how soon Anderson will be released this time,


 Source: Front Page Mag

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