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LA Teachers' Union Accuses Latino Parents Telling Them To Go Back to Work of "White Privilege"

Accusations of "white privilege" or just "whiteness" are the latest lefty version of calling someone a "reactionary bourgeois capitalist pig" for demanding their rights. The more powerful the Left became, the less it mattered whether their targets were in any way capitalist or bourgeois. 

The Democrats control Los Angeles and California. And so the response of their union to Latino parents demanding that schools be reopened is "white privilege".


When Los Angeles parent Cynthia Rojas heard that federal experts and local health authorities said elementary campuses could reopen, she was ecstatic. But then reality hit her: Campuses in the L.A. Unified School District would not reopen anytime soon.

That disappointment became a defining moment that brought her and other parents to a protest Monday outside the Federal Building in West Los Angeles — part of the growing momentum in some parts of Los Angeles, including the Westside, to reopen public schools.

The United Teachers Los Angeles union is resisting this push, which it says is in part rooted in white privilege.


Rojas and Mona Garcia, one of the mothers shown at the protest, must be suffering from internalized whiteness or multiracial whiteness. 

The Los Angeles parents hurt hardest by the refusal of teachers' unions to return to work are...

1. Single parents

2. Poor parents

3. Parents whose jobs require them to work in person

Add that up and you get a disproportionate impact on minorities. A topic lefties love to explore, except when they're the ones guilty of it. Every time a charter school opens or voucher programs are discussed, lefties, led by the teachers' unions, howl about disproportionate impact. Now they shut down the school system, but keep claiming that demands to reopen schools are rooted in white privilege.


Source: Front Page Mag

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