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Nolte: Bill Gates Drinks Poop Juice and Pretends to Be a Scientist

Our fake media has spent a year ramping up the pretense Bill Gates is some sort of scientific expert, especially on matters such as the environment and the coronavirus.

Bill Gates is not an expert. Bill Gates is a Bond villain who drinks poop.

Bill Gates drinks poop juice. No, really. Although there are literally oceans of water out there, Bill Gates literally drinks water squeezed from human poop.

Bill Gates also wants to darken the sun and force us to eat fake meat.

Only a Bond villain would tell us darkening the sun is a good thing after a glass of poop juice.

So Bill Gates is a true-life Bond villain who is taken seriously by a fake media desperate to fool us into giving up our freedoms to lunatic billionaire-technocrats such as poop-drinker Bill Gates.

This guy literally drank poop juice. I can’t say that enough. Bill Gates drank poop juice and wants to darken the sun, and we’re supposed to sit back impressed and say, Yeah, let’s put Mr. Poop-Drinking-Sun-Killer in charge of our lives.

Here’s a picture of Bill Gates drinking poop juice:



Someone pooped and Bill Gates drank the water in the poop.

He also wants to darken the sun, but not with poop, because we will need all that poop to drink.

Like a true Bond villain, Bill Gates has a lair — actually he has five lairs — where, if his sun-darkening, poop-drinking, synthetic meat, social engineering goes astray, he will be fine with his cheeseburgers and private jets.

Bond villain Bill Gates also tells us global warming is real, even though he himself does not believe it.

If Bill Gates believed global warming was real, would he spend $43 million on oceanfront property? No, of course he wouldn’t. Someone who believes global warming is real would also believe his $43 million investment would soon be underwater.

Bond villain Bill Gates also tells us global warming is real while he flies all over the world in a private jet.

Why not fly commercial?

Maybe because commercial airlines don’t serve water extracted from poop?

People who believe global warming is real behave as though they believe global warming is real. They don’t have five mansions, they don’t build mansions on the ocean, they don’t fly private jets, they don’t eat cheeseburgers.

Bill Gates is a Bond villain.

I’ve read a few serious biographies about Howard Hughes, who is remembered as a rich man who collapsed into madness.

Howard Hughes did a lot of nutty stuff.

He never drank poop.

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Source: Breitbart 

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