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BRAUN: Markle family continues to define distasteful public behaviour

Without counselling, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will inevitably divorce.


This is the latest prediction from Markle’s half-sister, Samantha Markle.


As reported by TMZ Samantha Markle believes the couple has to work on honesty and on apologizing to everyone they have hurt with their words, “in the course of this bull in a china shop two-year spiel.”


Markle speculated that Harry is likely already thinking about separation from Meghan Markle because of his wife’s constant dissembling.


The estranged sibling also said the couple needs therapy and perhaps should undertake some sort of apology tour to try to fix all the damage they have done to the British Royal Family.


Samantha Markle is of the opinion that Meghan Markle suffers from narcissistic personality disorder, a diagnosis that became well known during Donald Trump’s administration.


Despite Megan Markle’s statement to Oprah that she has had no relationship with her half sister for many years, Samantha Markle provided photos that show the siblings together as recently as 2008.


On his side, Thomas Markle, Meghan’s estranged father, appeared on Good Morning Britain to suggest that his daughter’s mental health problems were her own fault for ghosting her family.


He also feels his daughter Meghan’s mental distress suggests Harry didn’t support his wife properly.


Markle pater said his cooperation with a tabloid prior to Meghan’s wedding was something he had apologized for repeatedly.


As TMZ reports, Thomas Markle spoke with Prince Harry after Harry had learned Thomas was dealing with the British tabloids; at that time, Markle alleges, Harry said to him, “If you had listened to me this wouldn’t have happened to you.”


 Thomas Markle was so angry that he hung up on the royal over what he terms a “snotty” comment.


Further in his own defence, the Markle patriarch said that while he has made mistakes, he certainly has never played naked pool or dressed up like Hitler, obvious references to Harry’s social faux pas of the past.


“I know you are, but what am I,” Prince Harry did not respond. To his credit.


Samantha Markle, meanwhile, was on Australian radio disputing Meghan Markle’s version of events, calling out her sister for endless lying and claiming that Meghan, not the royal family, is responsible for the estrangement with her father.


She used the word delusional to describe Meghan and said her sister had been “Playing victim.”


 Perhaps clutching her well-thumbed copy of the DSM-5, Markle said she felt sorry for Harry:


“He fell victim to her … sociopathy. She pulled him away from all of his friends and his family the life he’s known,”  and compared the royal to kidnap victims suffering from Stockholm Syndrome. Markle speculated that the prince is in denial over letting everything go to hell and treating his family badly.


And she suggested her sister was using depression as an excuse to treat people badly.


Markle accused her sis of strategizing to get close to Prince Harry, noting that the younger Markle went to great lengths to study and mimic Diana, the Princess of Wales — even wearing the same perfume as Diana on her first date with Harry.


“Don’t tell me my sister didn’t know who Harry was.”



Source: Toronto Sun

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