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How wokeness ruins the planet and democracy

Written by Chris Veber for Tichys Einblick.

Ex-Green Chris Veber recommends everyone who cares about their freedom to avoid all politicians and parties whose actions are “without alternative”. Anyone who wants to put his goals, and above all the means to achieve them, outside the discourse, is an anti-democrat. There are no absolute truths. But there are always alternatives.

Facts are the narrative of the right. At least according to an eager young official of the Austrian Greens at the 2018 Federal Congress, undisputed in the presence of today's Vice Chancellor Kogler and Health Minister Anschober. It was about the green body and stomach issue, migration.

And that would be a nice summary of the woke dilemma. Who is woke is good. Mindful, anti-racist, anti-colonial, gender-sensitive. Saves the climate and life. Is against borders and for Islam. Who is not woke is on the right. In the sense of white man, Nazi, climate denier and Covidiot. All aspects of reality are sorted according to a woke grid. Any reality that does not fit the woke story is ignored and any mention of it is severely sanctioned. This of course leads to problems, from the climate to Covid.

With Covid, the woke point of view is: Corona is an epidemic of the century, the defeat of which justifies every victim. Because every Covidot is one too many. The danger of Covid is confirmed by experts from [virologist] Drosten to [scientist and SPD politician] Lauterbach (ok, mainly from Drosten). There are two remedies against Covid, the total lockdown and vaccination. Every deviant is a Covidiot and a right-winger (see above, white man Nazi). Unfortunately, the fight against Covid is claiming more deaths than the virus itself due to the failure of prevention and postponed treatments as well as economic and social devastation.

The human being as a social being cannot be kept permanently in isolation. Not without destroying society. A virus that circulates globally in human and animal populations cannot be eradicated. The 100% effectiveness of vaccinations cannot be guaranteed, even in the face of constant mutations. In view of the vaccination coverage of a healthy population that is predominantly not at risk from Covid, the safety of the vaccines would have to be guaranteed as far as possible. There are also experts for this point of view. However, they are largely ignored by the media and not taken into account by politicians when making decisions.

To paraphrase Stalin, what matters is who selects the experts. And so we let people die, the main thing is not from Covid. We are destroying our economy and with it the basis of our prosperity and medical care. We drive our children into depression. For no particular reason. Did you know that definitely unwoke Japan, a densely populated island with an above-average population, can do without lockdown? And with 8,566 deaths (as of March 14, 21) fewer people who died of Covid than Austria with 8,856? With 126 million inhabitants.

Did you know that the WHO sees the popular “testing” exclusively as a diagnostic aid that does not constitute a “Covid case” without a clinical picture? Did you know that in Germany, according to RKI boss Wieler, over 50% of intensive care patients (over 90% according to Bethanien Hospital Berlin) have a migration background, with a population of less than 5%? Merkel and Spahn did not discuss this because it was “racist”.

All of these facts are part of reality. But they don't fit the woke worldview. So they are ignored and denied. Which makes it impossible to deal with the virus in a meaningful way.

It is similar with the climate and the environment. Woke, the only right and good thing is to do without. In Germany, the construction of single-family houses is banned in the first cities. In Austria, the former green city councilor Gerhard Fritz philosophized years ago that a person does not need more than 40 square meters of living space. Meat is bad. Fly anyway. The climate crisis, surface sealing and the decline in species can only be combated in a medieval religious manner through asceticism. At the same time, the same people advocate as much child benefit as possible (fight child poverty!) And with as open borders as possible (we have space!). The simple fact that more people use up more resources is disputed.

Population growth is the only morally good growth. It goes so far that Huber Weiler-Auer, a former spokesman for the Tyrolean Greens, even doubted the statement that if each couple had four children, it would lead to a doubling of the population within a generation. 2 × 2 cannot be four. Not if it's politically incorrect. The world population will grow by around 2.2 billion people by 2050. That is roughly five times the population of the entire European Union. All of these people will need housing, food, and energy. More than half of this growth will take place in Africa. At the same time, the population density of the EU is more than twice that of Africa.

If we Europeans want to reduce our CO2 emissions and surface sealing, further population growth is counterproductive. That’s the reality. As a unwoke, we should firstly reduce migration; the annual maximum migration quota would be to compensate for the birth deficit. As long as this exists, in Vienna, for example, there was a birth surplus of 1,799 people in 2020 due to the immigration of new population groups. Second, as the population grows, the state should limit its financial contributions from the third child. If this is decided with a nine-month lead-time and is only valid for future births, no child who has already been born would be at greater risk of poverty.

Of course one can take the position that having a large number of children should be encouraged without limits. And migration is a human right in which the host societies have no say. But then, in addition to all the other consequences, this leads firstly to the concreting of even more nature and secondly to caging people. In the end, to the concrete cage. That is why in 2016 the Club of Rome proposed paying $ 80,000 for women who remain childless. As the fastest way to curb the global population growth that is overwhelming the planet. As an aside, population growth is also a steady source of new infections. The further a person penetrates into the last refuge of nature, the sooner he will encounter new pathogens.

But it is not just the denial of reality that unites the woke approach to the climate and corona. The democratic, or more precisely, the anti-democratic approach to setting “measures” is also identical. “The virus does not negotiate”. Probably true. Nobody negotiates with a virus. But we should negotiate among ourselves about how to deal with it. Politicians who have canceled the fundamental rights because of the “Covid emergency” tend to use the tried and tested mechanism when dealing with the “climate emergency”. Because the weather doesn't negotiate either. And power gained is reluctant to be given back.

According to “activists” like Thunberg and Neubauer, democracy is no longer the right “system” to find solutions. Only “science” can bring the solution, whose unquestionable truths are then established and implemented by woke political leaders. Drosten and Merkel locuta, causa finita. It is understood that the essence of science is the opposite of offering absolute truths. That we are exchanging the deficient but dearly loved democratic system for an autocracy in which basic rights are replaced by privileges. Because there is always no alternative to saving.

I therefore recommend everyone who cares about their freedom (I cannot put it more impassively) to avoid all politicians and parties whose actions are “without alternative”. Anyone who wants to put his goals, but above all the means to achieve these goals, outside the discourse, is an anti-democrat. There are no absolute truths. But there are always alternatives.

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