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Court ruling: ZDF filmmakers should apologize on Polish television

CRACOW. A Polish court has sentenced the makers of the ZDF series “Unsere Mütter, unsere Väter” to an apology. The Polish news agency PAP reported that they should ask forgiveness for the feature film series on Polish television and the German channels ZDF, ZDFneo and 3sat.

The judges objected to the fact that in scenes Polish partisans who are supposed to belong to the Home Army (AK) showed their aversion to Jews. In addition, they were indifferent to their fate and permeated by an anti-Semitic attitude. This representation violated the limit of freedom of expression.

After the three-part war drama was broadcast in Poland, an AK veteran sued the organization's portrayal. The now 96-year-old accused those responsible of violating personal rights and of giving the AK complicity in crimes against Jews.

War drama shows the fate of young Germans
The ZDF and UFA Fiction, which were involved in the production, expressed their regrets about the judge's verdict in statements on Tuesday. If the judgment is available in writing, legal means should therefore be examined. They emphasized that well-known historians were involved in the script.

In 2018, the creators had already been sentenced by a Cracow district court to a fine of around 4,500 euros and an apology. They had appealed against this.

"Unsere Mütter, unsere Väter" (Our mothers, our fathers) shows the fate of five young Germans during the Second World War. The drama first aired in March 2013. A total of more than 20 million viewers in Germany saw the three-part series, which was criticized not only in Poland but also in the USA.

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