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German government examines ban on vacation trips abroad

The federal government is examining the ban on vacation trips abroad.

Berlin - There is a corresponding test order "to see what is possible", said the deputy government spokeswoman Ulrike Demmer on Wednesday in Berlin. However, there are "major constitutional hurdles" before an exit ban. Before that, there had been criticism of the fact that holidays in the country are consistently made more difficult, for example by the ban on tourist accommodation, but at the same time thousands of tourists want to fly to Mallorca over Easter.

SPD does not want to support travel bans
In the event of a planned ban on leaving the country, the Chancellor will not be able to rely on her coalition partner, the SPD.

"There will be no general ban on trips to popular holiday areas abroad with the SPD parliamentary group," said Carsten Schneider, First Parliamentary Managing Director, on Wednesday. "This goes beyond sensible protective measures, is disproportionate and contributes to further uncertainty among the population," said Schneider. The project should have come to a standstill in the planning phase.

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