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Greens want to end EU-Turkey agreement and take more refugees

Ahead of the EU summit this week, the Greens are pressing for an exit from the EU-Turkey agreement.

Berlin - "This asylum-illegal agreement must be terminated immediately," said the refugee policy spokeswoman for the Green parliamentary group, Luise Amtsberg, to the Redaktionsnetzwerk Deutschland. It is "a symbol of the failed European refugee policy of the last five years". In a motion by the Green Party in the Bundestag, about which the RND newspapers report, it says: "With the agreement with Turkey, which is essentially contrary to asylum law, the EU has accepted that the responsibility to protect Refugees are the sole responsibility of Turkey - a country that is driving people to flee with increasing human rights violations."

Amtsberg said that in view of the disastrous living conditions of refugees on the Greek islands, it was cynical that the German government was still selling the EU-Turkey agreement as a success. "It remains right and central to provide financial support for the care, integration and resettlement of refugees in Turkey," she said. But it is ignorant and misanthropic to make the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan "the gatekeeper of Europe".

This ignores the fact that more and more Turks and Kurds have to flee from Erdogan's policy. The Greens parliamentary group called on the federal government to take in more of the refugees currently in Greece or Bosnia. In view of the dramatic situation of those seeking protection at the European external borders and the still faltering EU negotiations on a common refugee policy, the EU member states and especially the federal government are no longer allowed to stay waiting for a common European solution ", it says in the parliamentary group's motion.

"As long as there is no agreement in sight, the federal government must independently take political measures to improve the situation of refugees at the external borders." The federal government should "accept people in particular need of protection from the Greek islands and refugees who have already been recognized in Greece beyond April 2021 at least in the amount of the free capacities specified by the federal states and municipalities" continue, it says in the application. Family reunification must also be made possible.

In addition, the government should decide to "allow refugees in Bosnia with family connections to Germany to enter Germany". In addition, the EU border protection agency Frontex, which has come under criticism, must be able to be better controlled by parliament, demand the Greens. The Bundestag needs an independent police commissioner who is linked to parliament and to whom police officers "can turn in the case of human rights violations during Frontex operations". In refugee camps in Bosnia and Greece, the accommodation conditions are sometimes precarious.

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