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Judit Varga: EU wants to destroy Hungary's traditional values

BUDAPEST. Hungary's Justice Minister Judit Varga (Fidesz) has accused the EU of a targeted attack on her country. By means of legal blackmail and sanctions, Brussels is trying to “destroy the traditional values ​​of Hungary”, quoted the government website Varga on Monday with reference to a Facebook post that the Justice Minister had previously shared.

Hungary and Poland would challenge the rule of law mechanism agreed in November, which provides for violations of EU values ​​to be punished with a cut in funds. The EU Commissioner for Values ​​and Transparency, Věra Jourová, expected a verdict on this in the summer. Varga expects the Brussels politician, because of her hatred of the two countries, to put pressure on the EU Court of Justice to harm them, she wrote on Twitter.

Jourová calls for a tougher course in the event of a budget cut
Varga called on "left-wing liberal politicians" not to blackmail states with traditional values ​​with sanctions. “Communities instead of individuals, independent nation states instead of multiculturalism and traditional male and female roles instead of hundreds of genders” are, in her view, the true EU values ​​that need to be protected.

Jourová announced last week that she would be campaigning for a tougher course in terms of funding cuts. "I advocate a system that makes it possible to extend sanctions to funds that have not yet been paid out," she told the Bloomberg news portal. So far, the EU member states have only had to expect fines if they do not spend the money they have already received in accordance with the EU values.

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