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How George Floyd’s Life was More Tragic than His Death

Written by John (the other John).

We all know of George Floyd as the man in the video, and the entire establishment constantly reminds us of the tragedy of his death. But of note, they never talk of the tragedy of his life. Basically, for all of his life (excluding the final 8 minutes of his life), he provided zero value to his nation, to his communities, to his family, or to his friends. None, zero, zilch, nihil.

Let me explain. During his life, Floyd lived in North Carolina, Texas, and Minnesota. In the latter two (2) States, he was involved in criminal activity and with drugs. But before we blame “whiteness” for his problems as a chicken-soup cure-all excuse, let us examine his life. At two years old, his parents separated, so he was raised by a single mother who raised multiple other kids (hmmm, single parenthood; what can go wrong with that). As an adult in Texas, he had nearly eight (8) jail terms. After he got out of jail, he moved to Minnesota and continued his problems with the law and with drugs. This of coursed ended in May 2020 with his death while high on enough Fentanyl to kill three people while restrained for resisting arrest.

During all this time, after living in these communities and after having dealt with so many people along the way (likely mostly fellow African Americans), that nobody ever sat down with him for an intervention to have some straight talk to convince him to seek counseling, to seek drug treatment, and to get reacquainted with his five (5) estranged kids whom he had not seen in years. But instead of being helped by his acquaintances, he instead gravitated thru the revolving door in and out of prison. This is the tragedy of his life (and of millions of other males and females in our nation).

But what is also tragic is that not only did all of these people whom he had known in his life have no care for him while alive, now with his death they pretend to have cared for him by they shedding fake tears for him (with their hands stretched out for a monetary settlement). So there we have it, another disposable man whose life had zero value (absent the final 8 minutes of his life), and who now in death has tremendous value to those people who ignored him in life.

This is the tragedy of George Floyd, that his life was very catastrophic, and that his death was very predictable. Shame on all those people who knew him and did nothing.[1]


1. Assuming arguendo that George Floyd had survived the May 2020 incident, his life would have continued being a mess, and those who knew him would have continued to not give a $hit about him.
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