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Extending time between vaccine doses leaves high-risk seniors feeling like sacrificial lambs

Ann Rastin took her 88-year-old mom to a Newmarket arena last Tuesday for what was supposed to be her second Pfizer vaccine shot.

According to the confirmation email received two days prior from Southlake Regional Hospital, Feiga Libman — a high-risk candidate — was to get her vaccine at 12:20 p.m. on March 16.

But Rastin says once they got there, along with more than 20 other Holocaust survivors, they were informed no second doses would be given, that they’d have to wait another 112 days to get the second shot.

When they protested — especially because the rest of the arena was empty while lots of vaccines sat there for people who hadn’t turned up for the first dose — they were told to wait while officials endeavoured to get the edict changed.

After a two-hour wait, she said, they were all told to go home without the second shot.

“It was a terrible situation the way it was dealt with,” Rastin said, noting that these are elderly people who’d survived abusive and torturous behaviour in the Holocaust.

Rastin said she didn’t received any sort of cancellation email prior to last Tuesday’s fiasco.

“It was really sad watching people so very confused,” she said.

So there you have it — the latest screw-up in what has been a decidedly messed up and downright incompetent vaccine rollout by politicians and officials who get paid to lead and should know better at both the federal and provincial levels of government.

It all started with a pronouncement by the National Advisory Committee on Immunization, an external body to Public Health Canada, declaring in early March that an “extended four month interval strategy” will allow Canada to provide first doses of “highly efficacious vaccines” to more individuals earlier, which is “expected to increase health equity faster.”

In other words, to save Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s already damaged reputation with respect to the vaccine fiasco, high-risk seniors, who’ve been virtually locked down for a year, will be the sacrificial lambs.

Of course, Premier Doug Ford and his team have gone along with it. But that’s no surprise considering what a terrible job they’ve done protecting seniors in long-term care and retirement homes during the first and second waves of COVID.

Source: Toronto Sun
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