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Smugglers bring more migrants to Germany

In the course of increased border controls during the Corona crisis, the registered cases of people smuggling rose sharply in 2020. The President of the Federal Police speaks of the criminals' “inhuman greed for profit”.

In Germany, the police registered 220 cases with 1267 migrants, most of whom were smuggled by truck last year. This is almost twice as much as in 2019 (136 cases, 663 people). This emerges from the confidential report on “smuggling crime” by the federal police, which Welt am Sonntag had access to. "The main target country is still Germany," it says there.

The Federal Police attributes the increase primarily to the Europe-wide lockdown measures. That is why smugglers have switched to the cross-border goods traffic with trucks, which is still taking place.

Federal Police President Dieter Romann told Welt am Sonntag that “the increase shows that the smugglers reacted quickly to the border controls. Second, that human life doesn't matter and it's all about money. People who are transported on trucks and are thus exposed to the outside temperatures almost unprotected, prove the inhuman greed of the smugglers for profit."

Source: Welt
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