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While we are distracted by other topics, cultural enrichment continues to rage in Europe

We are all talking about Covid, cancel culture, gender and race, but fortunately, the enrichment of Europe continues.

Palermo, Italy: you take your wife and kids to KFC and you can witness an African migrant with no clothes and apparently busy with his private parts. Right across the street, a woman wearing a burqa. That's a common scene in Italy. Notice the natural behavior of people around him. It seems that Europeans have integrated very well to the savages they are importing.

A woman and a man were assaulted in a bus in Noisy-le-Sec, France on the evening of Saturday, March 6. They were burned by a flammable product launched by individuals who fled. This attack was not reported by the mainstream media, but if they had, perhaps the title of the news would have been: "couple experience fire activity all over their bodies".

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