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Colorado may join Washington in allowing human composting

Colorado is getting really down to earth.


The state is close to legalizing human composting, according to the Denver Post.


A bill, which has already passed in one legislative chamber, would allow people to opt to have their remains converted to soil through the “natural reduction” burying method.


The process involves placing the body into a “cradle,” and then another vessel, along with wood chips, alfalfa and straw. Each body ultimately creates a few hundred pounds of soil.


The practice is cited as more environmentally friendly than cremation or burial.


Colorado would become the second state in the nation after Washington to make the process legal.


The Centennial State’s bill does not allow for the soil to be used to grow food for human consumption. 


It also bars sales of the product and prohibits combining the soil of multiple people without consent.


Source: New York Post

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