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Deportations to Syria: Green politicians criticize Denmark and welcome refugees

Brussels - Several Green MEPs have called on the Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen (Social Democrats) to reverse her asylum policy. The signatories of an open letter urge Frederiksen "to rethink the current path and to change your current asylum and migration policy by 180 degrees".

The reason for this is the decision by the Danish government to deport several hundred Syrians back to their home country because, from the point of view of Copenhagen, Syria was partially classified as safe. "Under no circumstances can this country be described as safe," said the EU politicians' letter. “Historically, migration is a completely normal phenomenon. Deportations to a country that is at war should never be normal. Denmark shouldn't play a pioneering role here. "

At the same time, the Greens started a campaign for refugees in the EU Parliament under the motto “Europe Welcomes”. To this end, the parliamentary group published a website that lists more than 500 cities and municipalities that, according to the Greens, want to accept more immigrants.

"Make a promise to relocate"
Citizens are also invited to write a letter to the mayor, city council or church in their city, drawing attention to a “humanitarian crisis on the borders of Europe”. It is time for the respective city or municipality to act and to "promise to resettle" to asylum seekers and refugees, according to the template for the letter.

"Together we can strengthen this message at EU level and ensure that the consideration of local authorities is included in the reform of the EU asylum system." In September, the EU Commission made reform proposals for EU asylum policy. Since then, aid organizations have been criticizing the fact that no specific regulations were made.

Germany's Greens are also calling for more migration in the federal election campaign. Top candidate Annalena Baerbock announced in an interview an "inviting immigration policy". The election manifesto mentions, among other things, that every immigrant should be able to apply for naturalization after five years of residence. The deportation of illegal immigrants should only be a last resort.

AfD criticizes campaign and warns of "planned population exchange"
Criticism of the Green campaign comes from AfD member Bernhard Zimniok. The development policy spokesman for the AfD delegation in the EU Parliament told Junge Freiheit: "The 'Europe Welcomes' campaign aims to implement the right to migration for all, otherwise they would not be averse to deporting Syrian immigrants to their now pacified homeland." This is nothing more than“ a planned population replacement, with which the peoples' right to self-determination ends in the foreseeable future. This is exactly what the new EU migration pact aims at."

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