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Berlin police expect riots from left-wing activists on May 1

Berlin - The Berlin police have warned of riots in view of the upcoming weekend. "The last and upcoming legal decisions on occupied apartments or the rent cap will give further motivation to abuse the basic right to freedom of assembly for crimes," said the spokesman for the Berlin police union, Benjamin Jendro, to Welt.

Left-wing organizations mobilize their supporters for Labor Day on social media and blogs. In the call for the so-called revolutionary May 1 demo, which is to start this year in Berlin-Neukölln, it says: "Let us find an expression of solidarity that inspires us to fight."

Protesters want redistribution in the residential area
Several groups also called for a “home visit in the problematic Grunewald neighborhood”. They plan a bicycle demonstration to the villa district. The demonstrators are expected to go to the autobahn: "On this architectural symbol for climate catastrophe, corruption and clientele politics it is shown that change and rethinking is possible" they claim.

In recent years there have already been protests in Grunewald on May 1, causing damages to residents' cars.

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