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Germany: celebrities distance themselves from participating in a video criticizing the government for the anti-Covid measures

An action by several actors in which they comment on the corona restrictions had caused significant criticism. Some videos are no longer available.

After strong criticism of a protest action by prominent actors and actresses against the Corona restrictions, more and more participants distance themselves from the campaign under the motto #allesdichtmachen (close everything). The videos of around ten actors were no longer available on the campaign website on Saturday. They included Heike Makatsch, Meret Becker, Ken Duken and Kostja Ullmann.

Celebrities like Nadja Uhl, Ulrich Tukur and Jan Josef Liefers published ironically pointed videos online on Thursday evening in which they made fun of politics and the media. After praise from the AfD and so-called lateral thinkers, some distanced themselves from it. "Tatort" star Liefers tweeted, for example: "I clearly reject any oracle that is growing close to lateral thinkers and the like." He is no further from any party in the Bundestag than the AfD.

Actress Ulrike Folkerts said on Instagram that her participation in the campaign was "a mistake". The videos intended as a contribution to the discussion were "perhaps to be misunderstood". Actor Richy Müller also withdrew his video. He had breathed alternately in two bags and commented ironically: "If everyone would use the two-bag breathing, we would no longer have a lockdown." He found that he would have hurt a lot of people "whom I never wanted to offend or make fun of," said Müller on ntv. In the meantime he had become aware "that this bag campaign refers to the ventilators in the clinics. I found it absolutely inappropriate."

Criticism from colleagues
Numerous other celebrities had clearly criticized the action. Elyas M'Barek, for example, commented on the video of "Babylon Berlin" leading actor Volker Bruch with the words: "Come on, that's nonsense." "Tatort" inspector Hans-Jochen Wagner asked Liefers: "You can't be serious?"

The "Tatort" actors Nora Tschirner - "unfucking comprehensible" - and Christian Ulmen - "a bit ashamed of colleagues today" - were similarly horrified. Moderator and paramedic Tobias Schlegel tweeted: "The actors from #allesdichtmachen can push their irony deep into the ventilator."

Source: Zeit Online
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