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Germany: Lebanese who killed a policeman cannot be deported because he conceived children in prison

BERLIN. The Berlin police have made serious allegations against the capital's immigration authorities for the re-entry of a Lebanese police murderer. “That really upsets us. This is not an isolated incident. The Berlin Naturalization Office is really advocating for the quick lifting of the re-entry ban,” said a high-ranking official anonymously to the Bild newspaper.

Due to an official error, the 51-year-old Yassin A. was able to return to Germany. The Berlin immigration authorities failed to hear Yassin A. after serving his prison sentence, he lodged a complaint against the deportation and was right.

In 2003 the Lebanese with multiple criminal records killed a Special Task Force (SEK) officer with a shot in the head during a police operation. For this he was imprisoned for a total of 15 years until 2019. During this time he fathered four other children who acquired German citizenship.

Lebanese initially left voluntarily
The Berlin Administrative Court took this into account in its judgment. If underage children remain in Germany when the parents are deported, the re-entry ban is often lifted one year according to the authorities' discretion.

In September 2019, Yassin A. initially left Germany voluntarily in order to return to his country after this period. In the past, a representative of the Senate Interior Administration told Die Welt that it was not a deal between the immigration authorities and the convicted murderer. "The case was duly ended before the administrative court."

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