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Germany: Sarrazin defends Wagenknecht

Berlin - The bestselling author and longtime SPD politician Thilo Sarrazin defended Sahra Wagenknecht against allegations of right-wing populism. The reason is the criticism of the left-wing politician because of her new book in which she settles with left-wing liberalism and left-wing identity politics.

“In her new book 'The Self-Righteous' she wrote down very clearly which positions the Left would have to take if they wanted to represent workers' interests. That would also be reflected in the election results,” Sarrazin told Junge Freiheit. In doing so, she is doing her party a service.

Clear and relentless analysis
If people feel that their state is not adequately protecting them from dangers - including uncontrolled mass immigration - then they are losing their trust. “And then there can be election results that shock some. Such concerns of the people initially have nothing to do with the 'far right'. We just have to make sure they don't get driven there,” Sarrazin warned.

Wagenknecht had defined him years ago as an economist who was able to analyze very clearly and ruthlessly, despite her different regulatory models and her Marxist worldview. "Nothing cloudy remains, and that displeases many leftists who primarily rely on a moral feel-good effect," explained the former Bundesbank executive.

It goes without saying that the conditions of the not so strong and perhaps precariously employed participants in the labor market, who are often also not so well educated, would not improve but rather worsen through mass immigration of less qualified people.

Dismissal would significantly reduce voting chances
It is all the more tragic that in Germany the AfD is now the party with the most workers' votes in many federal states. “That affects the SPD, but also Die Linke. And what is particularly disturbing is that the functionaries of these two parties seem to be quite indifferent to this. In any case, they have largely outgrown the working class."

Sarrazin warned the Left Party against following his example and forcing Wagenknecht out of the party because of unpopular statements. “When I look at the current opinion polls of the SPD, it obviously didn’t help the voters that I’m no longer a member. In contrast to me, who I belong to the disreputable group of old white men, Sahra Wagenknecht is a media star. If she is forced out of the party, this would be disastrous for the Left Party's chances of being elected. "

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